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What Do Recent Clients Think Of Marc?

"So glad to have found Marc! After living in the same home for close to 30 years, when we decided to sell it was bittersweet. Marc made the experience painless, helping us remain calm throughout the process with his positive attitude. He was patient and calm, and addressed any questions or concerns we had promptly, while quietly working behind scenes on our sale. I would highly recommend Marc for any of your real estate needs. Thanks Marc!"

Diana & Gates Paquette


"We worked with Marc to sell our home in the West end of Ottawa. We were extremely impressed with his calm, friendly and professional demeanour and his in-depth knowledge of the market. Despite being a seller’s market, Marc put a tremendous amount of work into marketing and creating interest in our home. He answered all of our questions and calmly helped to navigate us through what can be a very stressful time. Marc was very knowledgeable about military move regulations and was always willing to fully discuss any issue. Our collaboration allowed us to sell our house on the first day we listed and for over our asking price. We highly recommend Marc to anyone for either buying or selling."

Derek & Jennifer Crabbe


"Marc was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always available whenever I wanted to see a home. As a first time home buyer, Marc let me know of a new home buyer seminar. This informative seminar went over the whole process which was extremely helpful. Overall I would recommend him to any new home buyers in the Kanata area like myself."

Matthew Bastien 


"Marc is without a doubt the best agent my girlfriend and I ever had. Courteous, knowledgeable, and he always had a smile on his face. He offered invaluable insight into every home we looked at...good and bad... he simply had your best interest at heart. If you had questions for him (and we had many), he would do his homework and give you the very best information to work with. Never once did we feel pressure from him to buy a a matter of fact, he wanted you to be very sure about your decision...he reeled us in a couple of times, and because of that, we are ecstatic about the home he finally found us. We can't say enough about Marc. I recommend Marc to anyone who wants a positive, pressure-free experience. He will find your dream home that will give you that warm and fuzzy. ABCD - Above and Beyond the Call of Duty ! Happy house hunting!! :) "

Henry Searle 


"Marc was an amazing agent!! It was like going to see a house with friend! There was absolutely no pressure to buy something we didn't like and he was patient with us when we finally found the one and stayed in the house for an hour just soaking it all in! I'd strongly recommend Marc! He'll start off as your agent and then become your friend!!"

Jillian Adams 


"We had success selling two of our previous homes privately but our last home was a bit more of a challenge. When we decided to go with a listing agent, we interviewed a few and quickly decided that Marc was our guy. Not only had he shown the house to clients while it was for sale privately and thus had no issues with dealing directly with a seller, but what struck us most was his open and honest style. Not once did we feel rushed or pressured. Everything was done on our terms but with Marc's excellent advice to help guide us along. And once Marc's sign went up on the lawn, our home was sold in 2 days! I highly recommend Marc for anyone's real estate needs. And don't forget to ask to see the Grey Cup rings!"

Carey Gaul


“When my wife and I were ready to sell our home in Kanata, we looked at several Real Estate websites and decided to list with Remax.  Selling a home that you have lived in for over twenty five years is stressful and at the time, the process seemed daunting.  Within an hour of contacting Remax, Marc Parenteau was at our home.  He has a remarkable presence (when you meet him you will know what I mean).  He seemed approachable and friendly and we felt comfortable with him right away.  He led us through the process step by step and did all of the paper work.  He came to our home many times to advise us on preparing and staging.  Marc knew our local market extremely well and gave us great advice. Within hours of each showing Marc contacted the real estate agents and called us with their feedback. He gave us his cell number and immediately responded to all of our phone calls, texts and emails.  This greatly contributed to the quick and efficient sale of our home with the least amount of stress. We would recommend him as an excellent real estate agent to anyone considering selling their home.  Marc is professional, hands-on, hard-working, responsive, and a great guy. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Martin & Danielle Hollinger


"My wife and I moved to Ottawa from Winnipeg MB , I am in the military, so we had a tight deadline of 1 week to purchase a new home in a City we did not know. A friend of mine recommended Marc, from the start he understood our time deadline and that we wanted to see as many homes in our price range within a short space of time. Marc organized our home visits in a logical manner so that we were not bouncing all around the City. He was also very frank with us regarding the houses resale value, knowing that I would more than likely sale the new home in the next three years when the military posted me to my next location. When we found the right home, Marc remained in touch and arranged for some upgrades to be done at our new home while we were packing our old house up. Marc actually paid some contractors out of his own pocket while we were driving across Canada to complete the Reno's. I found Marc to be an extremely knowledgeable real estate agent who was more concerned about the well-being of my family than making a large commission. Marc knew that we were going to throw away the washer and dryer in the new home, he contacted me to explain that a first time home buyer with a new baby had just purchased a home when their dryer broke down, he asked me if I would sale my dryer to this young couple. We gave them the dryer, having been in the same predicament when we were young. Again this shows how Marc goes above and beyond the call of duty to help his clients. We will definitely recommend Marc to anyone buying or selling a home and we will have him list our home when it’s time to move again. Thanks Marc!"

Shane & Joann 


"Marc went above and beyond for us and we are so happy to have found him. We moved to Ottawa from another province and were unsure which area we wanted to purchase in. He spent countless hours showing us houses in all neighbourhoods and always had lots to say about each area to help us with our decision. I would absolutely use Marc again and would recommend him to anyone seeking a professional, smart and all around good person as your realtor."



“Marc Parenteau provided me and my family with outstanding support and guidance during our efforts to sell our semi-detached home in Kanata and in the search for the perfect bungalow for the foreseeable future.  Marc's advisement on valuation, staging and house repairs resulted in a sale within my desired range.  Marc was willing to go above and beyond to find us our new home to the point of canvasing a particular area to seek additional opportunities that were not on the market for sale.  His counsel on what to look for in aging houses and strong recommendation for inspection was invaluable.  Marc is the embodiment of a skilled, experienced and dedicated Real Estate agent with his client’s best interests in mind.”

Susan Sadler-Lemieux


"We started looking for condos on our own and we were getting nowhere fast. A couple of friends referred Marc to us and with him our home search improved in speed and scope. Marc was always available to answer our questions and to show us the properties we wanted. I saw a dozen, maybe more, properties with him and managed to close the deal in less than two months. It could have been faster if more condos were really pet friendly (accepting dogs over 25 lbs.), but with Marc we managed to find the perfect place for us and our pooch. Marc's help was indispensable for us and we highly recommend him to any home buyers in the Ottawa region."

Flavia Campos


"We recommend Marc in a heart beat! He makes house hunting and house selling fun and stressless and always gives his 200% to makes things easier for his clients. We bought and sold in a period of 2 months and it went really well. We are now settled in our new house and already miss working with him!!"

 Annie Lacasse


"Marc was recommended to us through my sister and we couldn't have been happier! He replied to messages and emails as soon as we pressed 'send', was patient and always willing to go the extra mile to answer our million questions and to find new listings (even after we upped the price, downed the price, added a garage, took it off, searched for listings in the country, then the city, then the country again!!). One of Marc's best qualities is that he doesn't push or rush you into any houses, he will keep searching until you have found your dream home! "

Alex & Joe Davidson


"Marc was friendly, informative, super fast with his responses, didnt clutter me with homes that werent my style, helped me find a home i LOVE and remained professional and ethical throughout the entire bidding process. Excellent realtor and a former CFL (Go Riders!) player so clearly he's a winner."

Ana Soc


"We met Marc at an open house and were relieved that he actually let us look around the house without hounding us as we’d been so many times before! We then had a relaxed and comfortable conversation about house hunting in general and how we were deciding between building new or buying a pre-existing home. His confident and no-pressure attitude made us comfortable to have him follow up with property searches. He was patient and generous with his time over many months, giving us advice about both options we were considering and not trying to sway us. He was supportive and genuinely happy for us when we decided to build new and not purchase with him despite all the time he had spent with us because we ultimately found the best home for us. When it came time to sell our home, there was no question about who we would list with. Marc was great and we sold our home in 1 day with multiple offers! He was in touch right through to closing and even came to the inspection of our new build with us to offer his experience and support! The best things about Marc: relaxed and no pressure attitude, honesty, patience, genuine caring, efficiency, professionalism, accessibility and confidence. The worst thing about Marc: your time with him comes to an end! We would (and have) recommend Marc without a doubt!"

Alissa & Mike


"I found Marc to be very professional, honest and reliable. He does what he says he is going to do and he always gives 110%."

Karen Maheral


"Marc was a fantastic agent!! He is the man you want to find your dream home. He is patient and very open, so that he can help you find exactly what you are looking for. He never pressures you into looking at a home that doesn’t interest you. I would strongly recommend Marc. He always told us, “You will know when you find the right one.” And we did just that !! Loving our new home, thanks Marc !!!"  

Em & Virginia


"Il y a longtemps, j'ai commencé a faire ma recherche pour une maison, dés que j'ai eu le contact avec Marc, et jusqu'au moment de la transaction, il sont passé a moins 10 mois. Marc est toujours disponible pour les questions, il m'a fournit toujours de l'aide, il m'a donné des informations trés utiles. Je suggère fortement ses services, il est rigureusement proffessionnel, sans laisser de côté humain, trés agréable et responsable. Merci beaucoup Marc!"  

Alicia Catana


"We were 5 hours out of town looking for a property within 45 min to Ottawa. We sent Marc out many times to try and review the home before we made our travel. Marc was so pleasant to work with, his advice was solid and very sincere, he never gave up on us as purchasers. The end result was we found our beautiful Waterfront Home in Calabogie and I know this would never have happened without Marc as our team leader. Thanks Marc you are the best agent we have ever dealt with in all my years of owning and selling homes. I would have had him as our listing agent too but the 5 hour commute would have been a little far lol. I would strongly recommend Marc as an outstanding agent."

Jan Grant & Steve Milburn


"Marc was very patient with two people brand new to the Ottawa-area. He helped us determine what neighbourhoods suited us best and was not displeased at looking at several houses until we found the perfect one. Without hesitation I will recommend Marc to anyone looking for real estate in Ottawa. Also, being that he is quite tall, he made an excellent measure of basement ceiling height."  

Tess Gergel


"Marc showed us home in our desired price, community and type and we successfully purchased a very suitable home for us. Our negotiations went very well under excellent coaching from Marc. Marc was always on time and never applied sales pressure. He wanted to ensure we were going to be satisfied with our outcome. Great guy!"

Keith Landry


“I was a first time home buyer this winter and had very little knowledge of this overwhelming market. Marc spent the time to go over the features I was looking for in a house and tailored the process to my interests. With each house that I saw, I felt comfortable discussing features that I liked or did not like, with no pressure. He was open and honest throughout the entire process, scheduling showings and meeting around my work schedule and answering any query I had. When I found my house, Marc was quick to get the negotiating process started, and stayed in constant communication with myself and the other professionals involved making it a seamless process. Marc was professional, organized and personable throughout all of our dealings, kept the atmosphere very relaxed and open, and was always ready with a quirky anecdote or joke in the more stressful moments. I could not be happier with my new home and would recommend Marc 100% to anyone looking to find their new home.” 

Cassie E. 



"This is our ninth purchase or sale and my spouse and I both agree Marc is the best agent with whom we have worked with. Looking forward to returning to the area in the future and will work with Marc again!" 



"We are very satisfied with all the support Marc has given us. We couldn't have hoped for a better and more trustworthy person in this purchase process. As "new residents" everything is so new and it's reassuring that this "first big adventure in Canada" ended well."

Ingrid Van Overbeke


"Grey Cup rings seem to matter in Real Estate. I wish we could do more business with Marc. His only flaw is that in his line of work when he does well, you never need to see him again. The problem there: we want to! On a cold winter morning we had the pleasure of confirming just how helpful Marc can be. It was very clear from the email correspondence that Marc was our agent (we had not been pleased with our first agent from another realtor). Marc, being the same age and from the same town, made us feel comfortable right away in what would become the largest purchase of our lives to that point. Almost every Saturday morning for weeks we met at 3-4 houses until we stepped into our new home. The moment we walked inside, we were on the phone with the bank. We had found it, and couldn't be more confident.  Marc initiated our home inspector, ensured that we covered our costs and our bases with good research and was ever-present in all decisions. He taught us what to look for, which ones to avoid and the entire time was cordial, professional and friendly. Never was he late. Never was he not patient. From the first handshake -- to the offer we completed in his office, -- from the home inspection through to the gift that was waiting inside when we got there the first day...Marc showed us what other agents should be doing to gain our business. The only problem they now have is that we will never go anywhere else! Its not even worth mentioning that Marc was a professional athlete, because he is obviously successful at everything that he does"

Ryan & Vicky


"It was a great experience working with Marc.  This was my first real estate experience from a selling perspective and I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable real estate agent.  He was extremely helpful with prepping my home and getting it ready for sale.  He responded to any and all questions quickly.  He also followed up after every showing with comments.  I would not hesitate to use his services again either buying or selling."  

Susan D.


“We met Marc while viewing houses in summer, he happened to be the agent on duty that day and we immediately liked him. We appreciated his honesty, easy-going personality, in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry, and his subtle sense of humour. Over the following months we got to know him very well. Because our home was in a niche market and because of its location, it took longer than expected to finally sell it. However, during that process Marc stayed positive, encouraging us when we became frustrated. He was always available, whether through phone or email. He responded usually within minutes. He moved quickly when we wanted to view a home, and was very helpful and observant when in homes, pointing out deficiencies and problems. Since both of us are short, Marc’s height served as an added benefit for noting issues we had missed. 

When it came to negotiating both the sale of our home and the purchase of our new one, Marc’s judgement and advice was excellent. He wasn’t going to be pressured by the other parties, advising us with his knowledge and experience on the best ways to proceed. His attention to details for the sale and purchase was extremely beneficial. He knows his stuff. 

Marc continues to be a friend to our family. We highly recommend Marc to represent you as your agent. He sets the standard for knowledge, dependability and honesty.” 

Jim Taggart & Sue Butler


“Working with Marc on both purchasing a home and selling ours was nothing short of flawless. He is a professional through and through. Marc has gone more than above and beyond for us and we could not be more grateful for his knowledge and experience with the Ottawa market as well as his genuine care for everything he does. We would highly recommend using Marc as he is one of the most reliable, knowledgable and hard working people we have ever worked with.

Nicole & Jon


“I first met Marc at an open house he was having and was very impressed with him.  I kept his card for future use. We decided to put our house up for sale 8 months later and contacted Marc to help us out.  Marc is very professional, knowledgeable and extremely honest.  The process of selling and buying a house can be very stressful.  Marc made this very easy for us.  My family and I are so happy with the service he provided to us that I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone”

Darlene & Greg


“Buying my first home seemed a daunting experience - as I had no idea what I was doing! I was very grateful to find Marc as an agent. The process of home buying was seamless with his help. His insights on the homes we viewed were very helpful (including the time we discovered that a deck was not to code as it bent underneath Marc's tall frame's weight!). I really appreciated the no pressure attitude Marc has, and enjoyed house shopping as a result of having his help.”



“We were immediately at ease with Marc. He had challenges dealing with the two of us from two different cities as we were preparing to come on our house hunting trip, including last minute changes to areas of the city in which we were looking. He handled them all with grace and humour, and helped reduce our concerns.

Once we arrived in Ottawa, we were immediately comfortable with Marc. It was as if we had all known each other for years; making the entire process smoother and more fun.  He understood what we were looking for, and where in the city would best fit.  He showed us homes that made sense for our budget and lifestyle, and we were able to quickly narrow down our choices.  Once we made an offer, he fought hard on our behalf to get us the best deal and we couldn’t be happier with our home.

I feel like we gained a great home and a new friend.”



“When you commit to things over the internet you never know what you’re going to get, but with Marc Parenteau, we got the real deal.  Marc not only helped us find the perfect house for our family when we moved from Austin, to Ottawa, but he was also the most patient real estate agent in the world.  He answered every email promptly and personally, treated our kids like he might his own nieces and didn’t roll his eyes once at our endless chatter about how great life in Texas was.  We are so happy to have found a cozy little house in the quant neighborhood of Carp Village, but more importantly, so grateful to have met an outstanding guy.  Professional.  Kind.  Committed.”

The Harrison Family


“We didn't choose Marc as our real estate agent initially, but having worked with him over a span of a few years now, there's no one else we'd choose. We were working for years with a fantastic real estate agent and were a bit hesitant when she brought in a new person on our last house purchase. Enter Marc. As the saying goes "good people refer good people" and this was no exception. It was clear from the get-go that this was a man I would look up to!  Professional and courteous, he'll tackle any challenge you give him, defend you as if you were family, intercept the noise and confusion and sprint with you towards the goal!

Bottom line, we would go out of our way to refer you to Marc Parenteau for your real estate needs. 

Stephen & Christine


“Marc Parenteau is an excellent Real Estate Agent and I would highly recommend him to anyone. My experience with Marc was nothing but positive. He made the entire process of buying a house easy and stress free from start to finish. I found him to be very professional, respectful, knowledgeable and had total confidence in his abilities. In the end he helped me to find the perfect home here in Ottawa and when the time comes, I will be turning to him to be my real estate agent”

Katarina Vasic


“Marc is one of the most trustworthy and genuine person we have met in a long time. He always took the time to listen to us, understand our needs, always made sure to explain everything that was presented to us and helped us make very important life changing decisions! I recommend him 100%”

Matt & Vicky


“Marc was a great agent to work with buying our home in Kanata. He was very patient; working with us over a time period of about a year as we were moving long distance and retiring.  He not only pointed out the positive things about a potential purchase and area but also pointed out what could be issues for us such as a street being very busy etc.  We really appreciated his honesty.  We would for sure have him as an agent again if we decided to move in future!”  



“Marc is the guy we will use exclusively from now on (hopefully not too often, sorry Marc!)  We recommend him to anyone.  Marc was always there for us, night or day and made us a priority despite his busy life.  He has a great working knowledge of his territory and its development.  Marc is honest and thorough; if he doesn't know something, he owns it and finds out. Marc is also proactive and has exceptional people skills. The offer we asked him to submit was, admittedly, a little demanding.  Marc got us a better deal than we were prepared to settle for.   (Thanks again!).  We have full confidence in his cool mannered negotiating skills.  A refreshing experience! Once we teamed up with Marc, our years of searching came to a relatively quick and definitely happy close.”

S&H, Carp


“If you are looking for someone that is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and the Ottawa area, Marc is your man. We were settling for nothing but the perfect move in ready home in an area we loved and Marc found it!”



“As a government employee on a house hunting trip from another province, we had 5 days to buy a house. Leading up to our trip, each week, Marc sent us listings that matched our preferences.  When the time came, he took our list and made all the arrangements.  Marc was extremely accommodating and a wealth of knowledge.  He dedicated the week to us as he understood our time limits.  He guided us through the offer, inspection and finalizing the deal in just 4 days.

Marc was there at closing and helped correct some issues with the seller.  Once we had moved in, he dropped by with a card and house warming gift.  We will enlist Marc to sell our house when it is time to move again.  We highly recommend Marc to be your realtor.”

Michael & Sara


“We were lucky enough to rather randomly pick Marc as our listing agent and to have him act on our behalf for the rental of our new home. From our very first meeting with Marc, he was straight forward, honest and extremely approachable. We found him to be knowledgeable, personable, and always professional. I appreciated his candidness and sense of humor, which made the overall process not only stress-free, but fun too. Marc went above and beyond to help us prepare our property for sale. He made us feel important by always getting back to us quickly. He listened to our needs by making sure to only send us listings in our price range and to our specifications. We are happy to say not only was he a great agent but he became a great friend! We can’t thank him enough for everything he did for us and we would HIGHLY recommend Marc to anyone wanting a great house buying experience!"



“We have three daughters that attend university in Ottawa and decided to explore the concept of buying rather than renting. At first it seemed overwhelming to us, since we do not reside there, however after getting in touch with Marc, it did not take long to realize that ‘we were in good hands’ and it was going to be much easier than we thought. Marc was professional in his approach and provided the guidance that we needed. Marc was quick to identify our needs and pull together a variety of options. He assisted us in understanding the advantages and the disadvantages for each option, their respective locations as well as the marketplace and pricing in general.  At all times, we felt that Marc had our best interest at heart. Marc was very up front and honest.  At times we needed to step back and evaluate all the scenarios and Marc took a back seat to let us do that and when we needed to move quickly Marc stepped in and took the reigns. Marc was able to find us the perfect condo for our needs.  it has been over a year now and we remain thankful and without any doubts that the decision and ultimate purchase of our condo through Marc was the right one.”

The Pastore Family


“Marc was the most patient and professional realtor that we have ever had the opportunity to work with. He was honest and fair. Even after the very quick sale of our home, Marc continued to support us with our move and transition to our new city. I would not hesitate to recommend Marc as a realtor in the Ottawa area. We would definitely use his services again.”

M & J Greene


“Our experience working with Marc was very positive.  From the very beginning, Marc was an excellent communicator and was very attentive to our wants and needs.  We made full use of his web based listing previews since we were moving from out of province and it allowed us to have a focused, efficient and successful trip to purchase when ready.  Marc was extremely open, friendly, and accommodating when we arrived on site.  He was very attentive while we viewed various homes and helped further tailor our searches based on our feedback after each viewing resulting in no time wasted.  Marc was an excellent advocate on our behalf and we intend to work with him again on our next move.”

Joel & Melanie


"As a first-time home buyer, I had the privilege of working with Marc Parenteau.  From the beginning, he made a potentially stressful experience into a manageable one. While searching for a home, he researched and provided me with frequent listings which met my needs.  When touring homes, he gave his trustful, honest, and expert advice. Once I found the home that I wanted, he informed me of all the next steps, taking care of each process along the way, ensuring all details were complete.  He was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and put me at ease.  It was a smooth process in purchasing my first home thanks to Marc.”

Emma N


“Buying a house is a challenging experience and we were truly grateful to have Marc as our real estate agent.  During the entire process Marc was extremely patient and provided us with much needed unbiased information.  We highly recommend Marc, he is very professional and personable and above all we appreciated his attention to detail and customer care.” 

Nancy & Mark


“When we first contacted Marc over the internet, we didn’t know when we would be moving from Calgary to Ottawa. To get a feel for the market, we asked him to send us some listings and provided him a list of “must-haves”. In spite of the unknown move date, Marc proceeded to send us information for almost a year.  When we eventually decided on a timeframe for purchasing a property, Marc made time around his schedule to begin the hands-on search. He kept us focused on the list of must-haves and helped us to not get distracted by things we thought we could settle with.  After looking at about 15 places, we eventually decided on a great space in downtown Ottawa and we love it!

We never felt Marc was just trying to sell us a property. He was patient and did not make us feel rushed through the entire process. Marc is honest, genuine, easy going (I spilled coffee in his car – twice – and he just laughed) and professional. We always felt he had our best interests at heart and he got us an even better price than we had hoped. We would definitely use Marc again for future realty transactions.”

Mike & Heather